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How to sell a practice on 4salebydentist.com

1. Your Terms

We give you, the selling dentist, the opportunity to sell your practice yourself, on your terms, how you want. You are in complete control of the sales process.

2. Seller Form

Selling dentists first complete a short, simple data form to advertise their dental practice. This form usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

3. National Audience

Your dental practice listing will reach a large national audience of potential buyers searching for dental practices to acquire. You only pay one time to advertise your practice until you decide to remove the listing.

4. Buyer Qualification

If a buyer is interested in your dental practice, they will complete a short interview process with one of our professionals.

5. Buyer Filtering

You, the selling dentist, will have access to the buyer profile and decide if you would like to talk with the buyer.

6. Buyer Selection

You only pay for the buyer profiles that meet your specifications and that you decided to connect with.


Listing your practice on 4salebydentist.com is simple and only takes about 10 minutes. If you have a selling price in mind then all you need to do is list your practice! If not, we offer a free Snapshot Calculator to help you get a general idea of your practice's value.

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